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2015 Abuzz – What’s Going On This Year

The hype train keeps a-rollin', and I've found myself sucked into it and disappointed more times than I'd like to remember (Watch_Dogs sits on my shelf as a constant reminder). While I've tried to train myself to remain "cautiously optimistic" there are some titles coming around in 2015 that I just can't help but be psyched for. Video game news sources everywhere are touting 2015 to be the BIG year in games, and I've got one foot on the hype train myself.

So here are just a few games that I've been salivating over for a while, and look forward to stepping into.

Let It Die - multiplayer FTP, custom characters, Grasshopper Manufacture
Let it Die Image

I am just a massive Suda51 fan. I'll try most anything that comes from Grasshopper Manufacture. From Killer 7 to Shadows of the Damned (one of my personal favourites that gets missed a lot), I have yet to be disappointed, and so their newest endeavour is top on my purchase list. At this point it hasn't had a date announced yet, so barring a push into 2016 I'll be hacking and slashing with the best of 'em.

And yes, it is a hack-and-slash game, but branching out a fair bit into a massively online, free-to-play model. You'll get to design your own character and even play through a companion app on your smartphone; though the integration of companion apps in games thus far has been pretty limited, the studio has said that smartphone players can "completely rely on their smartphones to play." I don't know what the scope of that will be in execution, but since they're banking on PlayStation 4 and smartphone players being able to play together seamlessly, I'm going to hope it works better than others.

Details on the game are pretty sparse at this point, but I'm a big enough Grasshopper fan-girl that I'm willing to bank on whatever they want to throw at me, really.

Mario Maker
Mario Maker Image

This is perhaps the first game release for the Wii U that I'm all about picking up on day 1. Mario fans have been making their own playable Mario mash-up games for years and putting them on the Internet, but Nintendo had the fantastic idea of simply giving players all the needed elements and letting them go hog-wild. Admittedly I was pretty cool on the concept at first, right up until the video reveal shown at the 2014 Video Game Awards. This is some next-gen Mario Paint shit.

Probably the point that won me over the most was being able to make original Super Mario World levels. That game remains my outstanding favourite in the series, and I'm definitely looking forward to attempting to make something harder than those damn Secret Zone levels. Now, if they want to throw in some Mario Paint song composer, I'll be at this thing day and night.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3DS
Majoras Mask 3DS

Through the years, Majora's Mask seemed to be a source of contention among Zelda fans; you either love it or you hate it, and the haters can't understand why you played it for hours and hours to collect every mask while the lovers don't understand why the haters didn't enjoy the spooky, immersive environment, parallel universe versions of Ocarina of Time characters, engaging sub-games and sense of panic when you're trying to finish the Stone Tower and oh god it's almost the end of the third day, JUST DO IT, LINK.

Can you guess which category I belong to?

I adore the dark tone that they took with the game when it first came out, I'm fanatic about the temple designs and the awesome new lore, and I am praying that they introduce a Master Quest the way they did with Ocarina of Time. This game is probably going to get the Safest Best 2015 award from me. I still remember all the side quests, sword upgrades and mask locations, and I'm going to be stepping toe-to-toe with Majora as soon as possible.