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ShogunGamer Game of the Year - Part 1

The time, being the end of the year, has come for us to begin our breakdown of the very best games of 2014. Last week the writing staff of Shogun Gamer hopped on a Skype call and locked ourselves in a virtual room to hash out what we believed was the best of the best.

Because the final debate wound up being a 3 hour conversation, we've opted to split the GOTY list into four parts. Each day we'll reveal a couple of our awards, nominations, and winners along with the accompanying recording of the call so you can see (or rather hear) what we had to say about each and how we came to our conclusion for the winner.

Winners are shown at the top of each category listing and marked with asterisks.

Mobile Game of the Year
*Sailor's Dream*
Goat Simulator
World End's With You
Final Fantasy VI

Handheld Game of the Year
*TheatRhythm: Curtain Call*
Tales of Hearts R
Smash Bros 3DS
Fantasy Life
Bravely Default
Shovel Knight
Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies
Azure Strikers Gunvolt

Roleplaying Game of the Year
*Bravely Default*
Fantasy Life
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Walking Dead: Season 2
South Park: Stick of Truth
Pokémon: Omega Ruby / Sapphire
Lightning Returns