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2014 Game Retrospective - Part 4

Next week we'll be revealing our picks for Game of the Year, broken down by category and with one over-all winner. For now, we continue to count down some shining moments in gaming 2014, whilst wishing you all a very happy holidays!

Best "Hey, Are You Guys Still Alive In There?":
The Last Guardian
The Last Guardian... 2010
Jen: Team Ico started this game seven years ago. SEVEN YEARS AGO. Two years after that they announced it and then... nothing? I'm actually genuinely worried. Can someone knock on their door?

Actually, as of writing this, Fumito Ueda has said that they're making progress and they're working under "completely new conditions", whatever that means. Maybe a nicer office? Little fruit basket?

Casey: Jesus... was it really seven years ago? We're staring down the barrel of another Duke Nukem-length vapowear cycle here... I can't wait to go through "Things That Happened During Last Guardian's Development" and "Things That Took Less Time Than the Development of Last Guardian" lists.

Best Game That We've Yet to Actually Play:
Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty
New n Tasty
J: God, I loved the Oddworld series so much. Abe's Oddysee was one of the first games I ever played on the PlayStation, and when they announced a rehashed version I was super stoked. Now I feel guilty that I've still yet to play it, but it's in my download queue.

C: Holy hell. How did I forget about this game? I'm with you on this, Oddworld was one of my happiest memories from the original Playstation era, and somehow a new release in the franchise wasn't a national holiday... Whelp, I guess I should get to downloadin'.

Most Nights at Freddy's:
Five Nights at Freddy's
Five Nights at Freddie's
J: Five Nights at Freddy's is another jump-scare game along the same lines as Slender, but this time you've got five (haunted?) animatronic animals a la Chuck E. Cheese that are out to kill you. There's a lot more to this one than just flashing a flashlight and finding some bits of paper, as you're actually stationary and having to check security feeds to see where these things have wandered off to. They've not broken ground on the jump-scare genre but it's a pretty good little game.

C: Quickest way to turn Casey off of any game, the use of the phrase "jump scare." I'll just replay Alien: Isolation again, thanks.

Most Absolutely, Positively Unnecessary Sequel:
Angry Birds Stella
Angry Birds Stella
J: Because regular Angry Birds wasn't targeting girls enough? Seriously, Rovio, how much more blood is coming out of that stone you're squeezing?

C: I'm just glad to see more female leads in video games.

Greatest Bring Back that No One Paid Attention To:
Gauntlet 2014
C: When this was ANNOUNCED I absolutely lost my shit. Then it silently slipped on to Steam one day while everyone was looking in the other direction and quickly faded into obscurity... I DON'T KNOW WHY. This game franchise is awesome, and the version they brought us this year was equal parts awesome upgrade and retro throw-back.

J: Oh, there was another Gauntlet? Cool.