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2014 Game Retrospective - Part 3

Last week, under the shroud of a Skype call, Shogun Gamer staff began the process of narrowing down the best games of 2014. Thankfully due to an abundance of re-masters this past year, we were able to move through our deliberations with relative easy and speed. 

Next week we'll unveil the full list and its winners, along with an accompanying podcast so you can hear for yourself how each call was made. For now, let's keep running down some of the big moments (possitive and negative) of 2014, shall we?

Longest Flogging of a Dead Horse:
Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII Lightning

Jen: I know that SquareEnix broke the no-sequel seal with Final Fantasy X-2 (which is a big 'why' that I still ask myself to this day), but when you look at how long they're dragging this one out in the same vein as Final Fantasy VII, which was ACTUALLY popular, you gotta wonder.

Casey: I love that this has become a thing for Square, ever since Dirge of Cerberus, it's been okay for them to just slap on sequels and subtitles and change genres without having to bother coming up with new character names or stories.

Best "Yay! You got a Game!" for Mac:
Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider for Mac

C: Several of our staff members work on Mac computers, and I'm well aware of their potential for graphic design and 3D modeling... However, they still haven't really broken into gaming have they? Get angry all you want fan boys, but this release was the closest thing you had to the release of a triple A game this year on Mac.

(No, I'm not counting Hearthstone, it's a Card Game, up your standards).

J: Looking through the list of 2014 releases, it was really surprising (and a little depressing) how many Mac releases throughout the year were of games that came out for consoles and Windows almost a year ago. Like, I feel kind of bad for you guys. You had to read about how disappointing Watch_Dogs was before you actually got a chance to try yourselves.

Best Thievery Game:

C: Let's be honest, Thief fell far short of its lineage. For one of the great game franchises of the PC generation (no, I'm not claiming PC Gaming is dead, just that focus has shifted to console development for the largest publishers) this game wasn't much to get excited over. Still, we got a new Thief game, and that deserves recognition in its own right.

J: I didn't play this one, but I definitely wanted to. I remember a few weeks back when I was picking up a game at EB I saw about six copies in the discount bin, and that told me pretty much everything. I'd take re-mastered versions of the PC games any day.

Best Example of "Why can't we get this right, we nailed it in 2004?":
The Amazing Spider-man 2
Amazing Spider-man 2: The Game

C: As an avid Spider-man fan, I'm used to disappointment. We still haven't figured out how to make a really great movie yet, and for some reason the games that are continually produced aspire to be simply "meh." Back in 2004 we got one of the greatest superhero games ever made: Spider-man 2. How come we can't modernize that in a way that makes it just as much fun or, dare to dream, more fun?

J: I have fully given up on the Spider-Man game franchise wholeheartedly. Every single one since Spider-Man 2 has been steadily and steadily worse. It's like playing through a Killers anthology album.

Most Annoying "Next Gen" tech:
Auto Recording Game Clips
Xbox Recording

C: I swear to god if I didn't manage my collection of recorded clips from gameplay in 2014, it would have required the purchase of a secondary drive JUST for the clips that game developers decided that we should be holding on to.

Seriously, you think that a scripted moment in a game needs to be recorded for prosperity? Does everyone need the same clip of the final moments in a mid-level boss' life, can't we just watch one clip of it on YouTube, or remember it for ourselves. Don't worry 'next gen' consoles; we have a plethora of ways to keep the stuff we actually DO want.

J: I don't have a lot to add about recording game clips, honestly. The integration of mobile devices annoys me way more.