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2014 Game Retrospective - Part 2

Welcome to day 2 of our continuing recap of 2014. The Shogun Gamer staff is hard at work putting together their list of favorites from this past year, but in the meantime Casey and I will continue to run down some of the best (and more likely, the worst) games, features, and trends of 2014 in gaming. 

Worst Integration of a Mobile Companion App:
Watch_Dogs Companion App

J: If I have to focus on only one of the promises delivered by Ubisoft on this title, it's that you would get this amazing mobile app where you can go into your friends' games to call cops or change traffic lights to mess with them. What we were delivered was an app that worked for maybe a few minutes before you got booted from the server (if you could connect in the first place), some clumsy graphics, and massively delayed responses. "Haha, I put up barriers! Oh, I guess you're already two blocks down the street." Not to mention if you ran out of energy, you couldn't really do piss-all and we're just sort of watching someone play from a top-down grid view.

C: I never actually used this app. I downloaded it, I was excited for it's potential... Though to be fair in my head it would act as Aiden's cellphone in game and you could control everything in the world from the companion app. Jen's description just allowed me to delete it from my phone forever.

Best Game for Bored Housewives:
The Sims 4
Sims 4 Banner

J: I'm actually surprised the series still sells well enough to warrant another one. Admittedly, I've dipped my toes into two iterations of this franchise so far, but with the customization options of 2 allowing you to make horrendously deformed freaks of nature and them promptly drown them in the pool, ensuring that they will haunt the house for all future generations, it definitely had its moments. I was usually done after about an afternoon of play though.

What I did learn in that time was that you could download skin packs for your Sims to turn them into anime characters and then make them have sex with each other, so I guess I just figured out its enduring popularity.

C: I'm with Jen on the whole "Why are these still popular?" thing. I mean, yeah... we're not really their demo, but even as an outsider looking in I cannot figure out why these things are such a time sync. After I made a couple Sims defecate themselves to death, I was done. ...and I routinely play Bejewelled with my aunts.

Best "I'll never admit how many hours I actually played this" Game:
Peggle 2
Peggle 2 Board

C: You all play it. Admit it. But that won't prevent us from judging other people who will say that they play this game... Damn casuals!

J: I'm actually still playing as I write this sentenDAMN YOU, BJORN, SHUT UP

Best Story About My Uncle:
A Story About My Uncle
A Story About My Uncle

J: I don't really have a joke about this, it's just a great title.

C: Yeah, no... seriously Jen was like "Best Story About My Uncle: A Story About My Uncle" and we both laughed. So here it is.

Best Concept, Worst Execution:
Murdered: Soul Suspect
Murdered: Soul Suspect

C: An ace Detective is murdered at the beginning of the game and comes back as a ghost, which you get to play! Then it's up to you to solve your own murder with a slate of new ghost powers. This could have been the best new IP to come out this year, like L.A. Noire meets Ghost... but the game handled poorly and suffered from numerous glitches, which meant the experience was SERIOUSLY hampered.

J: I kept forgetting I wasn't playing Geist, and was looking around for bowls of dog food to haunt so I could scare a dog. You know, for funsies.


That it for now! Join us again tomorrow for a few more of our favorite moments of 2014, and look forward to our GOTY before the end of the year.