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Hyrule Warriors Adds Amiibo Support, New DLC, And I Keep Playing It

I could tell you all about how Nintendo has rolled out the second part of its planned DLC for Hyrule Warriors and added the ability to scan amiibos for extra loot. I could tell you that the amiibo functionality is unobtrusive and a nice way to gain more mileage out of your existing amiibo collection, but not particularly worth shelling out too much extra cash for.

I could tell you about the contents of the Twilight Princess DLC package, including the playable Twili Midna, the 3rd Adventure Mode map based on the Twilight Princess overworld that features new items and navigation features as well as some incredibly challenging missions, the Dominion Rod weapon for Zelda that excels in croud-control, or even the Postman and Ilia costumes for Link and Zelda, respectively.

I could talk about how this doling out of expansive DLC at a reasonable price has extended the life of what might otherwise have been a game that I sank a couple of hours in into one of the most-played titles of my Fall 2014. I could talk about how the free update that coincides with the new DLC has increased the level cap among a few other tweaks.

I could say all of those things and none of them would be lies. But if I said only those things I would hardly be able to claim that I told the truth - the whole truth.

The fact is that now inside my Wii U is a game that allows me to listen to an NES version of the Twilight Princess Hyrule Field Theme. And you guys? You. Guys.

It's so good.

Bleep bloop.

Seeing and hearing Twilight Princess in 8-bit makes me yearn for a demake. Get on it, somebody.

Anyway, yes, so far I'm completely satisfied with my $19.99 purchase of the Hero of Hyrule DLC set. If it sounds like the kind of thing you might dig you can pick it up on the Wii U eShop or grab the individual packs for $7.99. The final pack, the Majora's Mask pack, will be available in January 2015 and features two more characters, a fourth Adventure Map, and three more costumes. And say whatever you want about Hyrule Warriors' gameplay but it's the perfect game to curl up to after a long day with a podcast playing in the background while the weather outside gets frightful.

My money's on Fierce Deity for that MM pack though.