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Sky Pirates of Neo Terra and the One Million Facebook Likes

The good folks at Vancouver based social and mobile game developer, Fathom Interactive, recently celebrated their popular title, Sky Pirates of Neo Terra receiving one million likes on their Facebook page.  They did so, of course, by throwing a party, and Shogun Gamer was there for the partying to be had in strides!

In case you haven’t heard of Sky Pirates of Neo Terra, and since Shogun hasn’t really made a habit of covering social or mobile games a lot in the past, let’s catch up:

Sky Pirates of Neo Terra was a rather popular game released in 2013 for Facebook, iOS, and Android devices. It’s an online multiplayer racing game, with very pretty art, and a steam-punk vibe thrown in (Steam Punk is still hot, right?).  It reached over one million unique players, an impressive feat considering the sheer amount of games we have to choose from on our handheld gadgets, let alone racing ones. They have also partnered with Image Comics and have released a graphic novel that has some truly great artwork by Camilla d’Errico, also a Vancouver local, who also did artwork for the game, itself.

Now, getting to one million likes on anything is a great reason to have cake with Sky Pirates on it (there was literal cake with Sky Pirates on it) but Fathom Interactive is also getting ready for their release of just announced, Sky Pirates Racing 2. If you’re just assuming this is a sequel to that other Sky Pirate game I have been blabbering about, then you’re right. Why wouldn’t there be a sequel to a successful mobile game, and why wouldn’t you put even more Sky Pirates on a freaking cake?!

Sky Pirates Racing 2

The Vancouver scene of indie game developers is always something I love to see grow, and with Fathom Interactive employing fifty people, and even renting out some of their office space to the guys at Red Hook Studios, currently hard at work on Darkest Dungeon, it’s great to see all of these passionate people in the same room.

So, if you’re like me and have a lot of time spent sitting around (mostly in transit) then check out Sky Pirates of Neo Terra, and keep an eye out for the forthcoming sequel, and anything else Fathom Interactive gets up to. Plus, they gave us some pretty awesome giveaways for you guys…yeah you…the people who are reading this, which comes in the form of more awesome work by Camilla d’Errico. Now I’m off to eat more Sky Pirate cake…they have ruined regular cake forever.



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