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TL;DR - July 15 - EVO, Ultra, Steam Sale

Hey everyone! Time for another edition of TL;DR, catching you up on a bit of the news that has caught our attention throughout the day (or rather days) since it’s last episodic adventure. Today’s highlights include a whole lot of EVO in the form of wrap-ups of the tournaments as well as some of the announcements that launched during the show, and a bevy of new video game trailers for you to feast your eyeballs on. Let’s get started!


The News

EVO 2013 Wrap-up
Well, if you’ve been following along with Shogun Gamer here on the site, or via social media at all the last couple of weeks… you already know what I was up to this weekend. For Fight Game fans this weekend was our superbowl. EVO took place over three days (Fri-Sun) and housed one of the biggest crowds yet, with some massive upsets and some incredibly hype matches.

Hopefully you all were watching along and enjoying the weekend full of god-tier match-ups and insane drama that took place. If you didn’t the cliff-notes were that Xian took SSFIV:AE with Gen, and that Infiltration busted out a pocket Hakan to launch himself into second place in the tournament.

Of course there was plenty of other awesome this weekend, and many, many other winners. So if you’re interested in getting the full details, I recommend hitting the link.

Want to know more? Here’s the link for SRK’s stellar wrap-up of the event with all the detail you could ever want and more.


Ultra Street Fighter IV
Along with some of the fiercest fighting competition in the world, EVO has become the place to announce what’s next in the world of fighting games. This weekend Capcom announced plenty, including the fact that they will be hosting another of their own tournaments. The biggest announcement, however, was the next iteration for Street Fighter: Ultra. The new add-on/game will be launching in early 2014 and features 5 new characters (four returning, one new), five new levels, and a bunch of new balance patches. The add-on will be $14.99, and will upgrade any version of Street Fighter IV to have all content (including all the currently existing skins).

Want to know more? Here’s the link to Capcom’s announcement, and you can check the trailer in the media section below.


Steam Sale
I know it’s kind of old news at this point… the sale has been going on since last week. But I feel there needs to be a reason I’ve spent so much damn money on games I’m unlikely to play moving forwards. The Steam Sale is this magical place where you can pick up triple-A titles for under $10. Entirely franchise packs for $20. If you haven’t been taking advantage of the daily/hourly deals… you really have to get on that. It’s like nothing else.

Want to know more? Head over to Steam’s site to see what’s on sale RIGHT NOW.



Video Games Live on Twitch
I’ve been to VGL a couple of times, both for the site as media and on my own as a fan of video game music. It is easily one of the best shows out there, they have done a fantastic job of showcasing the amazing music video games have provided us since their inception.

More than that, every year the show gets bigger and better, adding in new games and their corresponding soundtracks. If you’ve never had the opportunity to check it out, this weekend (Saturday) is a great opportunity to see what it’s all about as they will be live-streaming the event on Twitch.

Bookmark this page NOW.


LANcouver After Party @EXP
LANcouver is an awesome weekend-long event full of more PC gaming that one would ever have imagined, and then a whole bunch of awesome side-events as well. I went last year as an attendee and had an absolute blast (staying up for three days straight and playing every single PC game I could think of). Unfortunately this year they scheduled in conflict with EVO and I wasn’t able to turn out… however, the party isn’t quite over yet.

If you’re a local and have some free time this Thursday I highly recommend heading down to EXP to enjoy the LANcouver wrap-party. Oh, and if you need a couple cases of BAWLS, they are apparently selling those as well ($45 a box). So… that’s something you could do too.

The details of the party are on the Facebook Event page. Check that out here.


Capcom Sale
Steam isn’t the only company that can through a sale. Capcom has heavily discounted the majority of their downloadable games on Xbox Live right now. Best of all (assuming you checked out a little EVO this weekend, and are thinking about getting in the game) Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition are on sale right now for $14.99 a piece!

You can shop on Xbox’s website here, or just log into your Xbox and do your shopping the old fashioned way: through your console on a TV.



This weekend was the reveal of several new video game trailers. You should definitely check out Mad Max in The Breakdown, but there’s some other’s that I wanted to highlight as well:

Ultra Street Fighter IV

Martian Manhunter Reveal


WWE 2K14