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Air Behr Dojo - Episode 1

Last week we premiered our new partnership with The League of Manchildren for a new podcast Gamers Under the Stairs. This week I’m proud to start Shogun off with another new show from Canada’s own Air! For those not familiar Air is probably the best Street Fighter player in Canada, and one of the best Ryu players in the world. Seeing as this week is EVO (and he’s already heading down there) it seemed the appropriate time to officially announce our partnership and supply our readers with the first episode of his tutorial video series: Air Behr Dojo.

Air Behr Dojo is an awesome series from Air that features all manner of pro-tips and insights from one of the world’s best players, and we’re honored to have him has a partner for the site! His videos run on YouTube quite sporadically, so to catch-up with his currently aired videos we’re going to run one every second week here on Wednesdays.

Enjoy the first episode of Air Behr Dojo below, and help us support one of Canada’s best hopes for placing at this year’s EVO!