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TL;DR - Jul 8 - The Loss of Ryan Davis

After hearing the news of the passing of Ryan Davis this morning I spent the day debating writing an article about what the fellow game journalist meant to me personally. The internal debate I was having was if that article would be self-serving, or if I could show the proper respect for a man that helped both Ian and find who we wanted to be in this industry. He’s someone that a lot of us who are writing in the industry today have looked up to, there’s no doubt about that, but does everyone really need to voice their feelings regarding the loss?

In all honesty, I’m nothing to Ryan Davis. I had fantasized about meeting him. I had idolized him for years, seeing him in passing at a couple of conventions, but never actually worked up the nerve to say hello to (even after meeting other icons like Jim Sterling and Stephen Totilo. I had even sent him an email once, when I first started writing, explaining that I was a fan of his and hoped to make enough of a name for myself in this industry that I could one day join him at Giant Bomb.

It was my secret fantasy that I could work with the guys at Giant Bomb one day, and in specific Ryan Davis. That dream has, unfortunately, died with him. Now all I can hope is that we take the lessons he provided us. Keeping it light, making our articles entertaining, being honest, and showing those that we respect in the industry their due.

While I opted to not make it a “thing,” that I wasn’t going to devote an entire editorial about the man I held so much respect for, and we lost so early (with thoughts to his new wife in particular), I could not, in conscience, write today’s “TL;DR” news segment about anything else other than the loss that we have all dealt with today.

It is the absolute bare minimum that I can offer to a man that acted as role model to both Ian and I over his impressive career at both Gamespot and Giant Bomb. He was a person who we should all aspire to be more like in this industry, and he will be missed.



EVO2K13 This Weekend (Friday to Sunday)
This weekend is EVO2k15, fans of fighting games or just eSports in general should be gearing up for the three-day event. For those unfamiliar this is the largest fighting game tournament in the world. Consider it our “World Cup” or “Superbowl.” If you’ve never watched before, I highly recommend checking it out.

Along with tournaments in all the major fighting games (Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Marvel vs. Capcom, Tekken, Injustice) they have all manner of crazy/awesome entertainment throughout the weekend on the live streams (like a playthrough of “I Want To Be The Guy” or “The Salty Suite” which focuses on grudge matches that occurred through-out the regular schedule).

The schedule (for all three streams) is here, and you can view the individual channels here, here, and here.

Trivia Night @EXP
Local nerds are probably already aware that every couple of weeks the fine people of West Coast Geeks vs Nerds host a video game trivia night at EXP.

If you weren’t already aware, you should probably check that out! The show is called “There is No Easy Mode” and I can vouch for its difficulty first hand. Though our team generally does alright for itself…

If you haven’t previously attended, then this Wednesday night at 7pm is your chance to check it out! Get a team together, or meet some new people at the event and forum a new challenger on site.


Discussion Topic
Unfortunately I didn’t get a whole lot of feedback regarding the fighting game culture that our site garners. I don’t know if we just don’t have any eSports/fighting fans or if you all are just keeping quiet about your love of professional loving gaming… but let’s try something else:

Seeing as Shogun Gamer is in the “birthing chamber” and still has opportunity to build itself into something new and glorious, I want to know what you guys are looking for out of the site? What would you like to see more of from Ian and I as we move forwards?