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TMNT: Out of the Shadows Trailer Shows Nice Action and Scary Looking Mikey

The paradox that is TMNT: Out of the Shadows has appeared once again, this time to show off what the game will offer.  Even though there was initially a level of excitement to see what Activision would do with their first TMNT game, such a sentiment quickly faded upon seeing the somewhat oddly devised, yet still intriguing, premise that Out of the Shadows is aiming to offer.

Presumably the first in a series of trailers highlighting each of the four turtles, we have a better look at everyone’s favorite surfer dude Michelangelo.  Sadly sans any voice acting, which is slightly disheartening given how good it is in the new TMNT cartoon, the trailer goes through the paces to shows Mikey’s adept combat skills and his mastery of the nunchaku.

Even though I’m still trying to piece together why Activision/Redfly Studios would create a TMNT game based on the cartoon only to discard any sort of connection to the property, Out of the Shadows looks like it could be a fun game. Sure, the somewhat goofy smile of Mikey may forever be etched into my mind as a horrific image due to the realistic design of the character, but other than that it looks like the skills of the turtles have been adapted well and in turn such a thing could provide a fun co-op action game.

Activision still hasn’t announced when we’ll receive TMNT: Out of the Shadows on the PSN/XBL, though if we continue to receive weekly or bi-weekly character trailers we could end up receiving the game by early to mid-June.