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First Detail on Next Call of Duty Game, CoD: Ghosts

What once was believed to be nothing more than a salacious and possibly fake rumor now has some credibility behind it.  Teased last month was news that the next Call of Duty game would be called CoD: Ghosts.  A fairly unassuming name, though unexpected given the belief that it would be Modern Warfare 4, details were then sprouted that the game would have new elements to the MP mode along with a single-player campaign set in the not too distant future.

It was easy to brush these details aside as nothing more than a rumor since nothing surfaced which corroborated them, but now it seems like the cat may be out of the bag based upon this accidental leak by Tesco.

Unless someone had an awfully large amount of time to create pro looking box-art and then upload that into the Tesco database, it looks like the next CoD game is indeed titled Call of Duty: Ghosts.  Released today on the Tesco website, which has now since taken the info down, the box-art confirms the title of the game and that’s it – for now at least.

Further details on CoD: Ghosts haven’t been drummed up just yet, but if the previous detail leak is to be fully believed it seems like the game is indeed trying something new. While a complete revolution of the CoD formula may be a ways off, or at least until Black Ops III arrives, it's nice to hear that Infinity Ward isn't just doing a .5 iteration on the standard formula. 

We may receive an official reveal of Ghosts shortly, but here are the main details from the March leak:

• Game is set in the not too distant future and will utilize modern day weapons.
• Plot isn’t directly tied to previous Modern Warfare games.
• New game mechanics include sliding into cover, peeking around corners.
• New environmental destructibility features in SP campaign.
• MP campaign features “dynamic” loading sequences (example given: rappelling out of chopper)
• Cross-gen launch (PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, next-gen Xbox, PC)

This whole CoD: Ghosts development may still seem dubious, but a scan of a Target paper advert has also surfaced which not only confirms the title and logo of the game, but states that pre-orders are available now (in a weeks time).  The paper itself is dated for the oncoming week, so it’s likely that Activision will formally announce the game shortly.