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Link to the Past Receives a Sequel [Nintendo Direct]

This morning Nintendo resumed their new trend of direct-to-consumer release information via another installment of their “Nintendo Direct” series. Basically a online webcast in the vein of a press conference that all fans of Nintendo can join online. This video detailed Nintendo’s plans moving forwards for the Nintendo 3DS, year of Luigi, and the Wii U. Why is another Nintendo Direct worth writing about? Well, because this one featured information about a new Zelda game and Earthbound’s plans to come to NA.

If you’d like to sit through the 30 minute presentation in its entirety, you’re welcome to do so via this link.

However, if you’re someone that doesn’t have 30 minutes to hear Satoru Iwata, Bill Trinen, and Reggie discuss plans for new Lego titles, Mario Golf, a Donkey Kong port, or a new Animal Crossing-inspired 3DSXL then allow me to jump you straight to the good stuff:

First, Earthbound is coming to NA via the Virtual Console on the Nintendo Wii U. Unfortunately no date has been provided for the release, but it something that the fans have been clamouring for forever, so as my favourite unofficial Nintendo slogan says: “That oughta shut them up.”

The second is a slightly larger piece of information, and the reason I felt compelled to mention the Nintendo Direct from this morning: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is getting a sequel.

This is easily one of my favourite titles from the never-ending saga of Zelda. The game was massive, and encompassed two worlds; not to mention a replay-factor like I’ve never seen. Years later I was still discovering new things about the game from friends who had found different secrets I hadn’t stumbled upon myself (or hadn’t gotten the proper items for).

It’s a game that I have said, for years now, was more deserving of a sequel than any other title in the franchise history. I cannot begin to explain how happy I am that someone at Nintendo finally agreed.

The game will launch on the Nintendo 3DS later this year (Winter) and the details are slim so far except for a couple of key details (aside from the platform, of course):

The game features a top-down perspective (in the vein of the original) but offers a slight twist in that several levels feature vertical movement and perspective. Through the use of the 3DS technology, it appears that several of the levels, and many of the game mechanics, will resolve around moving Link up in the world (literally).

Another new twist on the classic look and feel of Zelda (and in specific Link to the Past) is the concept that Link can transform between a 3D and a 2D character (or rather a 2D drawing of himself). This allows Link to slap himself onto a wall and navigate in a 2D-plane across to new locations (essentially moving him side-to-side in a different world perspective, crossing gaps or slipping between cracks and bars that would normally hold him captive).

Everything about this game, so far, looks great. As a fan of the original series I love how they are keeping the game true to its roots via the perspective and animation (animation looking more akin to the early 90s Link, especially from the carton).

Nintendo has also released a video of the new game via the Nintendo eShop on the 3DS so you can take a look at the first game play from the new title via the 3DS itself (showing off some of the console-specific features i.e. 3D).

Of course there were plenty of other new games, or new game details, discussed through the video. So if you’re looking to get all the latest information on games like Donkey Kong Returns 3D, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Mario Golf World Tour, Yoshi’s Island, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, Pikmin 3 or the new Mario Party you should definitely scope out the full video

[via Nintendo Direct]