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Criterion Reportedly Not Doing NFS: Underground Remake

Rumors of another reboot in the Need for Speed franchise have now been debunked by Criterion Games Creative Director Alex Ward.  Originating from EGM, rumor had it that a reboot of NFS: Underground was in the works. 

The rumor itself seemed plausible given the previous NFS reboots that have been released in recent years and reportedly jived with tidbits EGM had heard about such a thing. Though now it seems like the rumor is nothing but bunk.

After obtaining a logo for a purported NFS: Underground reboot, it appeared as if Criterion was going to go for their 3rd NFS franchise remake following in the steps of Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted.  But after gamers and gaming sites started to chatter about the news, Alex Ward took to his Twitter to officially put the rumors to rest.

"Totally fake. Remakes and reboots? #movedon”, said Alex on his Twitter account.  Unless Alex is pulling a David Jaffe by publicly denying something that is a sure thing to happen, I guess we can put the rumor of a NFS: Underground remake to rest.

However, Alex’s denial of an Underground remake existing, let alone Criterion continuing their trend of doing reboots, does lead to one question: what is EA Ghost working on?  Publicly announced to be working on a NFS game of some kind, the newly opened EA Ghost, which is located in Sweden, would’ve been a likely candidate to help co-develop a game with Criterion yet that may not be the case. So is it possible that EA Ghost is perhaps solely tackling an Underground remake or will they be doing something entirely different?

Whatever does happen it’s almost a sure thing that a new Need for Speed game will be released later this year and will likely arrive on current and next-gen platforms.  If there’s one upside to Criterion not working on a new NFS game it has to be the fact that it could mean we’ll see the Burnout franchise finally make a comeback.