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Sony Preps Two New Invizimals Games

Those who are fans of the franchise may have seen this coming, but Sony and developer Novarama have finally revealed the latest installment of the Invizimals franchise.

A popular staple on the PSP, Invizimals was part Pokémon monster catching/combat game and part augmented reality extravaganza, which if I may add was done rather well given the hardware it had to work with.  Now, the Invizimals franchise is not only set to debut on the PlayStation Vita, but it’ll be making the leap to the PlayStation 3 as well.

With a full season animated series set to air later this year, Sony appears to be pushing the Invizimals franchise rather heavily since it’ll be debuting on the PS3.  Casting aside the augmented reality element of the game, Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom will allow gamers to actually become an Invizimal as they do battle and solve puzzles.

Developed by Magenta Software, Invizimals’ debut on the PS3 may be disappointing since it won’t be utilizing the PlayStation Eye, but as you can see in the trailer below the title does look like a nice romp with a slight old-school platformer vibe. So forgoing any PlayStation Eye gimmicks is fine in my book as long as the actual game isn’t utterly horrendous to play.

Staying closer to the established formula of the franchise, Invizimals: The Alliance seems to be the logical next step for the series to take on the PlayStation Vita.  Once again allowing players to “hunt” for powerful critters in their home or even outside, Invizimals: The Alliance also looks to boast a few new features such as additional mini-games and cross-play features with The Lost Kingdom.

Based on this small glimpse at the title it’s nice to see that Novarama is making some strides with the Invizimals property.  Not advancing technically in an amazing way (I guess Sony’s cardless AR tech is still in the works), it’s still nice to see a key 1st party Vita game surface that actually fills a void on the handheld rather than give us the same old stuff.

Sony hasn’t set firm release dates for either Invizimals: The Alliance or Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom, though both titles will likely be part of Sony’s key software pillars leading into the launch of the PlayStation 4 this Fall.