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New Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season 2 Trailer Surfaces

If there’s one live-action video game project that has people excited, and for good reason, it has to be Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season 2. After proving that Mortal Kombat can still be relevant in the world of cinema, it’s almost time for the second season to kick off and thankfully we have a new teaser trailer to get us even more excited.

At a panel held at MIPCube conference in France, MK: Legacy director Kevin Tancharoen and series producer/WB Digital Programming Development Head Lance Sloane debuted a new trailer for the second season.  We’ve already seen a nice chunk of what the second season has to offer, but this new trailer does focus more on character moments rather than the plethora of ass kicking that’s bound to be delivered.

Setting up the basic premise of the season, which has the Mortal Kombat tournament in full effect, we finally get a better look at Raiden (David Lee McInnis) along with Scorpion (Ian Anthony Dale) and Sub-Zero (Eric Steinberg).  Beyond showing us moments that highlight character tension, such as that between Kitana (Sam Tjhia) and Mileena (Michelle Lee), we do see some action, which if I may be so bold to say does look stylish and effective.

It’s up in the air as to whether this new trailer will receive a proper release, but in the end it may not matter since Season 2 of the series is slated to kick off soon. Of course once the new season does begin you can expect some rather sizeable interviews from the main cast exclusively on Shogun Gamer.

Jump to the 29:50 minute mark to view the new MK: Legacy S2 trailer