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Project Versus J/J-Stars Victory Debut Footage Released

Fans of anime and manga may be eagerly anticipating Project Versus J and now we have our first look at the project.  A bit scarce on game footage as it was only a mere commercial and not a full-blown media reveal,  things are shaping up to be good for the new cross-franchise brawler from Namco Bandai.

Now titled J-Stars Victory VS, the action presented in this brief commercial does look interesting, and oddly enough once again has a striking resemblance to Dragon Ball Battle Royale, thus igniting the rumors that the same dev team is handling the title.  Sadly no new character or stage reveals were made since this is the same content we saw last revealed in Shonen Jump.

Even with Namco Bandai still being secretive about revealing which characters will be included in the game, the reveal of actual game footage is impressive.  It is odd to see things in motion since Naruto’s style rendering seems awkward compared to other efforts, such as that of CyberConnect5, but other than that the actual brawling looks enjoyable.

It’s still tough to say whether or not J Stars will become a standout in a sense, though if Namco Bandai can deliver a title that seems more than a best of collection of Dragon Ball and Naruto characters, the game could go could on to become a memorable anime game entry for all the right reasons.

J-Stars Victory VS will be released in Japan later this year for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. A North American/European release has yet to be announced.