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Ubisoft Announces Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, New Spin-Off Starring Michael Biehn

Opting to shake things up in a way never before expected, Ubisoft has announced further details for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Once believed to be a potential April Fool’s Day joke based on how crazy the box art was (it had a laser eye shooting T-Rex for crying out loud), Far Cry 3 is indeed receiving a rather sizeable add-on/spin-off that almost seems like it would be better suited for the world of Saints Row.

Coming to the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC next month, Blood Dragon is a retro throwback that totally ignores everything that happened in Far Cry 3. Sure, it may seem like Ubisoft has officially lost their mind by doing a Far Cry follow-up that has nothing to do with the property but here’s the hook: it’s inspired by bad 1980s action movies and it features Michael Biehn in the lead.  Consider me already sold Ubisoft.

Set in the year 2007, as inspired as if this was a 1980s action movie production with a “hefty” $5 million dollar budget, Blood Dragon is a “kick-ass cyber shooter” set on an open-world island.  Any similarities between Far Cry 3 and Blood Dragon immediately stop with the open-world setting since we won’t be battling crazed tribes all while we power up with magical tattoos that give us special abilities. No, such rubbish is out of the picture as we’re instead going to battle cyborgs as we stop the world from ending.

Presented with a color palette that has enough vibrance to make the former director of photography on Miami Vice jealous, Ubisoft appears to be going totally in with the faux 80s action movie vibe. To lend some authenticity to the project the services of actor Michel Biehn has been enlisted to portray Sargent Rex Colt, the main protagonist in the game. Best known for his performances in Terminator and Aliens, in which he played Corp. Hicks, the inclusion of Biehn out to sweeten the deal – even withstanding his rather tepid performance in Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Exactly what inspired Ubisoft to do such an odd Far Cry spin-off is currently unknown, but it’s just nice to see the company do some unexpected things rather than stick to the bog standard tradition of past DLC entries.