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Black Rock Shooter Is Finally Coming To The West

Dreams sometimes do come true for those who enjoy obscure video games based on anime/manga properties.  Usually gamers in North America and Europe are screwed when it comes to playing the latest Gundam game or whatever franchise mash-up may have been devised, but such a thing thankfully isn’t the case for Black Rock Shooter.

Announced for the shores of Japan way back in 2010, NIS America has announced that Black Rock Shooter: The Game will finally arrive in North America and Europe later this month.  Slated to arrive on the PlayStation Network, Black Rock Shooter will likely have gamers dusting off their PSP’s since it hasn’t been disclosed if the title will be playable on the PlayStation Vita.

Arriving on the NA PSN on April 23, and a day later for the folks in Europe, it’s nice to know that after patiently waiting and being teased that we’ll finally have Black Rock Shooter in our hands.  Far from being the be all end all of licensed anime games, it’s still nice to know that someone out there actually decided to localize the game rather than leave gamers importing the title and making the best out of the situation despite not having a clue on what’s going on due to the lanuage barrier.

So there you have it: in a few weeks gamers in NA and EU will finally be able to get all shoot happy as a young heroine as she tries to rescue the world from deadly aliens. Good stuff indeed.