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Vancouver Hosts April Duels This Weekend

I play a fair bit of fighting games. I’ve even had delusions of becoming a professional gamer in the realm of Street Fighter. So, as far as eSports are concerned, I get pretty hype about the fight-game tournament scene… Those in the know probably get what I’m working up to here: Vancouver is playing host to its very first major fighting game tournament this weekend April Duels.

This is a first run for us, and will be drawing in some of the big names in the scene (including EG’s Justin Wong and PR Balrog). It’ll be interesting to see how we do, and hour our city is represented. Hopefully this will be the first of many tournaments of this kind to come down to Vancouver and enjoy all we have to offer… but that depends on the community and the support of the event.

If you don’t have other plans this weekend, come on down to the Vancouver Airport Sheraton to check out the tournament in-person; we’ll be there for coverage and you can say hi and tell me how much you love fighting games (we can nerd out about frame data and fantasize about the changes that Capcom is going to make to Street Fighter v. 2014).

If you’re not able to make it down though, support the live-stream by pointing your browser to:

Finally, if you’re free Sunday night, it might be a good idea to head on down to Vancouver’s own video-game inspired bar EXP for the after party (though I can’t guarantee you’ll get in, if you do it is sure to be an epic night!).