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Thief Debut Trailer Finally Comes Out Of The Shadows

A bunch of malarkey may have transpired today considering it’s the fools parade that is April Fool’s Day, yet Square Enix has decided to get a bit serious. No, badass undercover cop extraordinaire Wei Shen hasn’t returned in a Sleeping Dogs follow-up as we instead have our first “look” at the new Thief title.

A reboot of sorts of the popular PC series, Thief has been in the works over at Eidos Montreal for quite some time.  Most of us know that games, at least the good ones, take a while to develop yet in the case of Thief the project has roughly been in development for the past four years. Sure, that may sound like nothing compared to the nearly decade cycle of the XCOM first-person shooter, which now may go by a different name, but it’s nonetheless been a long time coming to see the original hooded badass Garrett return once more to do his stealthy thing.

Presented entirely in a pre-rendered trailer, that may or may not have been done/conceptualized way back in 2011, the general themes of Thief are well established despite gameplay footage being elusive.  Showing the world we’re bound to explore, Garrett goes about sneaking past guards and obtaining what he desires before he has to bail out.

Again, it’s slightly disappointing that we still don’t have an ounce of gameplay footage, presumably that’ll come around or at E3, though it is nice to see that Eidos Montreal is creating a dark vibe that doesn’t have Garrett engaging in elaborate fights in place of actual stealth tactics.

More details on Thief will likely come out in the next few weeks and don’t forget that the game will also debut on the PlayStation 4 and other unannounced next-gen consoles when it finally arrives this Fall.