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Darksiders Property Likely To Be Acquired By Crytek

THQ may be nothing more than missed potential and shattered dreams at this point, but there is still hope for the Darksiders franchise.  Even though Darksiders developer Vigil Games was dissolved due to not being acquired in the first wave of IP/asset sales held in January, none other than Crytek could come to the rescue once again to keep the post-apocalyptic demon/angel franchise alive.

With the next wave of THQ properties to be auctioned off shortly, Crytek USA CEO boss David Adams announced on Twitter the plans to acquire the Darksiders IP.  There hasn’t been a tremendous amount of chatter lately concerning the scraps leftover in the wake of THQ's closure, but now it seems like Darksiders could live to fight another day.

The potential acquisition of Darksiders by Crytek would be rather fitting since the company’s USA branch was formed out of the remnants of Vigil Games.  So in a rare case that doesn’t happen too often in the games industry, Darksiders could very well end up with the team that helped developed it, minus of course a few key figures such as Joe Madureira.

Crytek acquiring Darksiders would not only be interesting due to adding variety to the company’s portfolio, but it’s an unexpected move considering the free-to-play/micro experience future that has been hinted at in the past year or so. Even though Crysis 3 is a “traditional” game experience, Crytek corporate brass, such as company CEO Cevat Yerli, have expressed their desire to further explore the free-to-play business model – perhaps making it the standard for all their future games.  With Warface being the company’s first exploit into the F2P arena, I’m interested to see how Crytek would possibly adopt that formula into the action-adventure driven experience of the Darksiders franchise.

Given how the property was passed up earlier this year, Crytek shouldn’t run into any issues acquiring Darksiders unless an unexpected bidder enters the fray or the company suddenly changes their stance on things.  All together it’s at least reassuring to know that Darksiders won’t be yet another victim of the mismanagement that drove THQ into the ground.