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Suda 51 Teases Next Game From Grasshopper Manufacture

Grasshopper Manufacture may not have even finished their upcoming game yet, but the studio is already prepping and discussing, albeit of a cryptic nature, their next title.  While talking about the studio’s forthcoming PS3/Xbox 360 action game Killer Is Dead, GhM mastermind and overall creative genius Suda 51 revealed a few key pieces of info regarding the next game from the studio.

Once again having a basis of being a hack-and-slash game, something which Suda admitted has become the studio’s forte, the next game from GhM could be a follow-up to No More Heroes.  Fans of the series such as I shouldn’t get too carried away just yet since Suda didn’t explicitly say such a thing in his interview with Famitsu.

However, the few pieces of concept art that were revealed for the project does have a striking resemblance to the overall No More Heroes aesthetics  – in particular the similarities between the character of Shinobu and this new combatant shown in the concept art.

Besides showing the art, which is done by longtime GhM staffer Yusuke Kozaki, Suda mentioned that the general design of the art and approach of the project has gotten considerable darker as development has progressed. What’s even more interesting about this new GhM joint is that the game will feature a female protagonist – one who hopefully won’t be as scantily clad as Juliet Starling was in Lollipop Chainsaw.

Overall it does seem like Suda and the team are striving for a mature tone in this new project as he went on to mention how they want a character that hasn’t appeared in action games before.  Such a statement could rule out the notion of this being Shinobu co-starring in a No More Heroes spin-off, or full-on sequel, though such a thing could still ring true conceptually since we hardly see any badass female warrior types in gaming anymore – especially those with cybernetic arms and who wield a katana.

Beyond that Suda kept his lips sealed as to which platforms this new project will appear on and when it’ll be released.  The release window and bevy of new info for Killer Is Dead was relatively short, at least compared to the multi-year dev cycles and periods of silence of other games, so it could be reasonable to assume that this new game could be released within a year or so.  Suda did tease that more info will be released in the Fall, so it could be likely we’ll receive more information once the Tokyo Game Show rolls around.

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