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New Tomb Raider Movie Gains Notable Film Partner

More progress has been made on the forthcoming theatrical reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise.  Under the creative eye of GK Films, the latest attempt to bring Ms. Lara Croft to life now has a major distributor/backer to help bring the tomb raiding exploits to the big screen.

GK Films has announced that MGM Pictures will join as a production partner for the Tomb Raider film reboot.  With the film being in “production” for the past two years, the arrival of MGM into the mix should accelerate things so production could kickstart in the next year or so – pending of course there are no massive production meltdowns and MGM doesn't go belly up again.

The arrival of MGM into the mix may not seem like it’s that big of a deal, but it does at least ensure that the latest Tomb Raider movie won’t be a complete mess. While there’s bound to be some creative appeasing done to satisfy the MGM execs, the next celluloid adventures of Lara Croft will hopefully be in safer hands compared to that of Fox and Universal – both of whom are notorious for meddling on high-profile projects.

Beyond having the development team at Crystal Dynamics work with the team at GK Films to ensure a cohesive product, no additional details on the plot of the Tomb Raider movie have been released. Last we heard film scribes Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby (Iron Man 1, Children of Men) were still attached to the project, though with MGM now on hand that could change as the typical revolving chairs game is done for those in the writing seat.

It’ll be interesting to see how GK Films, MGM, and Square Enix move forward with the Tomb Raider movie considering how successful the latest video game has been amongst gamers and those in the games press. Even though the new Tomb Raider game may be “underperforming” due to not living up to the simply silly 5-10 million estimates set forth by Square Enix, the film project could still prove to be a hot commodity – not just to kickstart a new film franchise but further gain interest and awareness for the video game.

Given how slow Hollywood can be at times to develop a movie, it could still be a considerable time before we receive major details on the new Tomb Raider movie. But for now it appears that things are moving ahead and the Tomb Raider movie won’t immediately be joining the Kane & Lynch, Uncharted, and Shadow of the Colossus film adaptations in development hell.

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