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Battlefield 4 Debut Footage Shows Shooting, Explosions, and Forced Drama [Video]

As expected, EA went on to announce Battlefield 4 in a grand fashion last night to live up to the popularity the series has gained for the past decade or so.  The existence of a new Battlefield game isn’t too much of a shocker considering we’ve known about it since BF3 was released and it has been incessantly teased for the last week or so. 

So other than not knowing how far DICE was aiming to push the visual bar and up the action, it was business as usual for the Battlefield franchise and that’s apparent in this rather dull gameplay footage.

Opting to keep a level of familiarity with what we’ve already experienced, Battlefield 4 doesn’t go off into a distant future plot line which will have crazy weapons as was the case for Black Ops II. Instead, the main focus of the game seems to be pushing gorgeous visuals and upping the “tension” during the single-player campaign, which was the only element of the game that was revealed thus far.

There’s no denying that DICE are masters when it comes to designing grand graphics engines that are capable of rendering various things in stunning detail, but I think the studio is slowly entering the Polyphony Digital phase of trying to focus too much on the graphics while forgoing everything else. 

Creating a believable world may be a key pillar of success for a game, especially one whose roots is being a realistic modern combat FPS title.  Though, upon seeing the seventeen minute gameplay video EA and DICE decided to release, Battlefield 4 seems to be going through the motions like any other tired and nearly worn out franchise.

Not quite on the same spawn closet level that still annoys those who play the Call of Duty games, the constantly staged elements in this BF4 demo at least shows that DICE hasn’t really thought out of the box when it comes to how they merge their cutting edge technology with evolving their game design other than making things go boom in bigger and prettier ways. 

Staging scenarios to make the player feel “tense” is one of the most basic tenements of game design, but at this point it’s starting to come across as incredibly hokey, as does the “dramatic” moments which are both cliché and disappointing in their lack of true interactivity and gamer choice.

Besides showing us a rather sizeable glimpse at BF4, EA also revealed that as of now there are no plans to bring the game to the Wii U. So for the foreseeable future the only marque FPS game Wii U owners can partake in is CoD: Black Ops II unless High Voltage finally releases The Conduit 3: Presidential Warrior Edition.  Besides that one minor tidbit of disappointing news, BF4 reportedly won’t feature a co-op mode during the single-player campaign nor will it jump into the 21st century by featuring female soldier layouts in the multiplayer mode.

In the grand scheme of the games industry one would have to look at Battlefield 4 as a big Summer Hollywood blockbuster movie since it’s huge, has a massive budget, and it isn’t trying to be philosophically deep to earn merited awards. But even then it’s disappointing to see BF4 merely go through the paces and not even show us what matters the most: the multiplayer mode.

EA and DICE probably won’t have to enter a caution mode just yet since BF4 will likely sell like gangbusters, but they do need to understand that most gamers won’t continue to be impressed with the same old thing.