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Gameplay Footage Of The PSN Title Rain Finally Arrives

Sony has finally lifted the veil on one of the last few games bound for the PS3.  After surprising us last year at Gamescom, the new PSN bound SCE Japan produced adventure game Rain has finally surfaced again.  Still slated to arrive sometime this year, presumably before the PS4 is released, we now have a better look at Rain thanks to this new gameplay video.

If you didn’t see the initial reveal trailer last year here’s the basic rundown: Rain is a side-scrolling adventure game presented in full 3D that revolves around a boy chasing after a mysterious girl who just so happens to be invisible. After finding out that there’s more going on then there appears to be, along with becoming invisible himself, this ever hopeful boy embarks on an adventure to save the day.

Thankfully Rain doesn’t slowly descend into some sort of creepy stalker game as it instead encompasses things that more games need to take into account: emotion and crafting beautiful scenarios.  With the main character and his potential one true love only being visible when it rains due to their silhouettes appearing, Rain is certainly trying to stick out amongst the ever crowded “save the gal” games that already exist.

While not as existential or heady as Braid, Rain will still be a thinking person’s game as evident by this gameplay video. Rooted in puzzle mechanics as opposed to the hero suddenly becoming a badass warrior out of nowhere, Rain seems to be carving out a good niche for itself in the realm of PSN titles.

Rain will be released exclusively on the PlayStation Network later this year.