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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Set To Arrive On Wii U In Director's Cut Version [Updated]

The somewhat hand-me down perception the Wii U has amongst certain gamers will likely continue with this latest tidbit of news. After being rumored due to vague retail listings, Square Enix has formally announced Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut for the Wii U.

These days we don’t see too many games receive the Director’s Cut moniker upon being released again and sadly we don’t have a video game equivalent of Apocalypse Now Redux or some of the more cinematic recuts that have graced us in the past.  Instead, Square Enix and the team at Eidos Montreal have decided to fix some of the ever nagging issues found within Human Revolution along with adding a few new enticing elements for hungry Wii U gamers.

Featuring the full experience gamers were privy to enjoying back in 2011, the Director’s Cut of Human Revolution will feature one thing that may make gamers double-dip: revised boss battles. Easily the most hated thing within the game, likely because they were outsourced to another developer, the three boss encounters within the game have been addressed to make them more palatable to gamers through new strategies being offered – one of which allows them to be taken out entirely through stealth tactics.

Besides utilizing the touchscreen controller to show the map, do precision aiming,  and access the inventory, Eidos Montreal is using the Wii U’s main draw to further immerse players into the Deus Ex world via refining the hacking mini-game. Now exclusively done via touch mechanics, gamers can hack as much as they want with a little added touch power available to them.

Those who prefer Wii U games that support off TV play in the likelihood that their significant other watches horrendous shows/movies will be disappointed to hear that Deus Ex won’t support such a feature.  In place of off-screen play will be the aforementioned features and new swipe mechanics which will allow Jensen to throw back grenades at enemies after a warning vibration from the Wii U controller.

Additionally, the Director’s Cut of Deus Ex will see all the post release DLC worked into the main campaign as well as the arrival of a commentary mode.  Perhaps the most enticing feature, at least for those such as I who love to hear dev stories, the commentary mode will feature eight hours of audio based chatter from the team at Eidos Montreal.

Whether or not the Director’s Cut of Deus Ex will make its way onto the PS3, Xbox 360, or PC has yet to be revealed so for now Wii U owners can celebrate a moment of victory; or at least all the Wii U owners who already didn’t play Deus Ex nearly two years ago.


Off-screen play has now confirmed to be in the game.  That feature will join other new elements such as upgraded enemy A.I., a strategy guide that can be accessed in-game, and additional game achievements.

So all together it does look like Square Enix is putting some effort into this port. Now if only they can do the same for Sleeping Dogs since I'm in dire need of more Wei Shen in my life.