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Acquire Reveals The Persona Clone That Is Mind 0 [Update]

2013 may be a better year for the PlayStation Vita since yet another game for the platform has been revealed.  After teasing us last week with a site that led people to believe The Last Guy was set to return (which was a dumb thing to think), Acquire has revealed the new action-dungeon crawler Mind 0.

Revealed in Famitsu, Mind 0 is an action-RPG dungeon crawler set in a school of all places.  If you think that sounds a bit familiar, the moments of déjà vu don’t stop there since Mind 0 is also said to feature a stylish presentation – complete with phrases popping up during combat.

Developed between Acquire’s internal team and Zerodiv, Mind 0 feature traditional dungeon grinding set in distinct setting: one that is based on reality and the other a hidden spiritual world.  Using a special ability called MIND (Mental Inside Nobody Doll), the four teen heroes of the game engage in turn based battles of the 3D variety.

The Famitsu article remained a bit light on game details, but the MIND abilities seem to be the main hook of the experience since it’ll see the personality of characters either as a doll or a barely clothed elf being.  Acquire never has been a premier Japanese developer as their most recent efforts have been run-of-the-mill, though the premise of the game does seem like it’ll be something that could be appealing since it has shades of the ever popular Persona series.

While the premise of Mind 0 may seem like it could easily make the leap to the rest, the Japanese setting of the game (which spans four major cities) and the text pop-ups could lead to the game being a promotional and logistical nightmare to localize. 

In the right hands there’s a chance could see a Western release, especially since Acquire’s past efforts have been released outside of Japan, but it could be a hard sell unless it goes the digital route.  Yet even then there’s always the chance that lovers of Japanese RPGs can get their Mind 0 fix via the chaps over at RedSunGamer.

However, those who are more than proficient at reading Kanji and own a JP Vita can enjoy Mind 0 via the wonders of importing when the game is released this Summer in Japan.

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Famitsu has posted the first images for the game on their site, and as you can see there's a heavy Persona influence within the project.