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Ovosonico Teams Up With Sony To Produce New IP

Sony is once again teaming up with a talented indie studio to develop an original title for the PlayStation.  Today the indie based firm of Ovosonico announced that they’ve signed a contract with Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe to release an original IP for yet to be revealed PlayStation platforms.

Created in 2012, Ovosonico was founded by former Grasshopper Manufacture Director Massimo Guarini (Shadows of the Damned).  Since the company was formed some rather notable talent has come aboard such as former Ubisoft veteran Max Pagani. Now it seems like all the pieces are in place for Ovosonico to finally go forth creating their first game, one which adhere to Massimo’s goal of pushing the medium of video games to tell compelling and wholly original experiences.

Sony Worldwide Studios Europe Senior VP Michael Denny had this to say on the Ovosonico partnership, “We’re incredibly excited to be working with such an innovative new studio as Ovosonico. It is through working with creative minds such as Massimo Guarini that ensures that the best exclusive games are only available on PlayStation and we firmly believe that this relationship will result in something special.”

Even though Ovosonico has kept mum as to what their first game will be and more importantly what style it’ll draw upon (pure fantasy or realism), this news is nonetheless exciting – both for Sony and Ovosonico. Once again showing their commitment to indie studios, Sony may not be grooming Ovosonico to produce an IP so big that it becomes their next God of War, but it’s at least proof that the company won’t be shying away from giving indie developers some love nor are they afraid to take a gamble.

It’ll be interesting to see what Massimo and his team have been working on for the last few months since the initial plan of the studio was to deliver bite-sized games that last no longer than two hours.  Obviously such a notion may have changed in the past year or so, but the concept is still intriguing and if it’s still the plan for now such a thing could mean that Ovosonico’s debut game could appear on the PlayStation Network – either for the PS3 or the forthcoming PS4.

Due to Ovosonico’s goal to be daring within the ever growing stagnant games industry, I couldn’t be more excited to see what comes out of the studio.  Exactly when we’ll see Ovosonico and Sony reveal their game is unknown, though if the project is along enough in development we could see it appear at Gamescom this year if we’re lucky.