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Disney Epic Mickey: The Power Of Two Arriving On PS Vita. Why Is This Happening?

Likely ending up to be the most befuddling announcement made this year, barring of course we get another $599 moment from Sony, Disney has revealed that Epic Mickey is once again returning. 

As some of you may already know, earlier this year saw the closure of Junction Point – the core developer of the Epic Mickey franchise. But even in the wake of that situation, and the less than respectable sales the second entry received, Epic Mickey is set to appear on the PlayStation Vita.

Perhaps done as a way to recoup some revenue or merely serving as a test bed for more handheld/mobile based efforts, Epic Mickey: The Power of Two will be arriving on the PlayStation Vita later this year.  Bound to be touted during Sony’s Vita segment at their E3 2013 presentation, Epic Mickey 2 is the one game that I think Vita owners will be depressed about when it becomes one of the “heavy hitters” for the platform this year.

Probably the one HD port Vita owners wanted the least, Epic Mickey: The Power of Two has an unannounced release date along with the developer currently being unknown. Since Junction Point is now shuttered the only possible candidate to be behind the Vita port is Blitz Games, the firm that did the PS3/Xbox 360/Wii U versions of the game.

Disney has yet to say how this new Epic Mickey port will take advantage of the Vita, but one has to assume that at some point gamers will use their fingers to utilize Mickey’s paint & thinner abilities. Other than that and graphics that will likely have a noticeable downgrade in quality, I doubt there’ll be anything new or entirely noteworthy about The Power of Two’s appearance on the Vita.

Of all the things that could arrive on the Vita this year I think the last thing we expected was an Epic Mickey game.  Somewhat being a colossal bomb at retail, both critics (such as yours truly) and gamers alike didn’t find much to like about Mickey's second video game effort this gen yet here we are with Disney giving it another chance. 

We shouldn’t mistake this move as a sign that the Epic Mickey series will continue down the road, at least in big console based efforts, as it could merely be Disney, and in a way Sony, trying to further tap into the ever intriguing young gamer demographic that exists in the mobile/handheld space.