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Old-School Goodness Is Abound In Shovel Knight

The newly formed development studio Yacht Club Games has finally announced their debut project and yes, it’s seeking funding via the Kickstarter route. Coming to us from the former WayForward filled team that is Yacht Club Games is Shovel Knight – a new ode to the 8-bit era that will make us older gamers all nostalgic.

Described as a cross between Castlevania, Mega Man, and of all things Dark Souls, Shovel Knight seeks to combine old-school and new-school elements into a package that hopefully everyone can love.  Comprised of some rather beautiful looking 8-bit inspired graphics, the general look of the game seems to be right on the money without coming across as played out or like it’s simply trying too hard.

Built around nine bosses that will each feature a distinct style and accompanying level, the direction in Shovel Knight seems to be old-school indeed and ultimately that’s what could make the project so awesome.  While exact details about the bosses have yet to be shared, the first wave of gameplay footage does look impressive as it boasts some nice combat maneuvers that of course make good use of the trusty shovel weapon.

Of course Shovel Knight may not become a reality, at least in a timely matter, if people don’t show their support by pledging to the Kickstarter campaign.  There’s been chatter, and even evidence, about Kickstarter losing some of its steam as a funding source, though the very reasonable budget goal set forth by Yacht Club Games (a mere $75,000) could result in Shovel Knight actually happening rather than fading away into obscurity.

From the looks of it the first effort by Yacht Club Games could be on the path of greatness since Shovel Knight looks brilliant and seems like it has some true heart behind it.