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Small Update Given For New Tomb Raider Movie

Perhaps poised to go nowhere due to the politics of making a film and whether or not the game is truly a success, a minor update has been given concerning the new Tomb Raider movie.

After two live-action entries featuring Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft were released during the original heyday of the Tomb Raider franchise, production company GK Films announced their plans to do a new Tomb Raider movie to coincide with Square Enix’s video game reboot.

Initially announced in 2011, the new Tomb Raider movie has been developing rather slowly seeing as how the only key creative figures to join the project have been the writing duo of Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby - the team responsible for the first Iron Man movie. Having missed its “intended” 2013 release date, the Tomb Raider movie isn’t exactly a lost cause based on this new update given by Crystal Dynamics’ Darrell Gallagher.

In an interview with Variety, Darrell had this to say of the partnership between Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics and GK Films, “They are working from this new take that we’ve given them. It’s a good partnership. We’re seeing the challenges through the same lens.”

One wouldn’t expect Gallagher to say anything less unless he wanted to blow up his career, but there is hope that there will be some connective tissue between the new Tomb Raider video game series and the forthcoming movie reboot.  “It was important for both of us to have a cohesive version of the franchise. We didn’t want to see a film version that was a continuation of the old Tomb Raider films,” said Gallagher.

So it seems that the plan, at least as of now, is for the Tomb Raider movie to either be connected or directly inspired/based upon the new video game series.  Such a thing may have been expected at first, but it at least confirms such a thing to us since GK Films won’t be following in the steps of what Warner Bros. is doing with the Mortal Kombat franchise by having things be entirely separate and unrelated to each other.

Of course these comments are only that – hopes of what will happen since production on the film has yet to commence or even have a start date.  Making films isn’t easy, but it’s unknown if GK Films will now fast track the Tomb Raider movie and actually seek out additional content to round out the two most pivotal roles: the director and lead actress.  Until those two things are secured, the new Tomb Raider movie may merely remain as a what-if possibility instead of becoming a reality.