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New Cast Member Announced For Beyond: Two Souls + Release Date

Since being unveiled at E3 last year details on Beyond: Two Souls have been rather scarce.  Sony has shown the new game from Quantic Dream here and there, but we’ve been missing on key announcements such as the remaining cast and when the game would finally grace us with its presence. Now Sony has announced a key actor set to appear in Beyond as well as when we can finally pop it into our PlayStation 3.

Joining the cast of Beyond, which stars Oscar nominee Ellen Paige, is veteran actor Willem Defoe. Best known to audiences for his role in Spider-Man as Norman Osborne/Green Goblin, as well as his roles in classics such as Platoon and The English Patient, Dafoe is officially part of the Beyond cast. Rumored to be in the game since last Summer, Quantic Dream have revealed that Willem is playing the role of Nathan Dawkins, a scientist who has known Jodie (Ellen Page) and her special ability since she was a young child.

To go along with this rather major news, Sony has released a short trailer for Beyond showcasing Willem’s character along with a few new action scenarios we haven’t seen before.  Best of all is the news that Beyond: Two Souls will appear on the PS3 on October 8th in North America.  Possibly poised to be one of the last few major games to appear on the PS3, perhaps alongside LBP3 and Gran Turismo 6, gamers will have reason to keep their PS3 console around once they acquire the much desired PlayStation 4.

Questions may still remain about the gameplay of Beyond and whether or not Quantic Dream will be able to evolve in that respect, but it’s clear that the story and the acting will likely be top tier.  The supernatural element of Beyond may still be jarring, yet having talented actors such as Willem Defoe will likely ground the game if not make certain aspects easier to swallow.