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Quantum Conundrum and Papo & Yo Developers Join Ouya With New Software

The PlayStation 4 may have our undivided attention right now, but we shouldn’t forget or entirely write off the Ouya.  Likely not destined to match the instant appeal that Sony has gathered for their new console, the Ouya is nonetheless gathering steam based on these latest announcements.

With the first wave of Ouya consoles heading to Kickstarter backers within the next month, the new Android powered platform has revealed an array of talent who have decided to lend their support.  Already having the support of notable indie outfits such as Sunstone Games (Kaiju Combat) and Robotoki (Human Element), Ouya have announced that Airtight Games and Minority Media will release exclusive games on the platform later this year.

Having these two developers in the fold is rather key since they’re both talented and have instant cred amongst gamers.  Airtight Game are of course the team behind Quantum Conundrum and we best not forget that Kim Swift was the creator behind the megahit that was Portal.  Airtight haven’t disclosed what sort of game they’re developing for the Ouya, but considering that they’re reportedly working on Murdered: Soul Suspect for Square Enix it’s possible we could receive anything from a brain busting puzzler or an intense 3rd person action game of some kind.

Minority Media, the creators of Papo & Yo, have revealed they’re currently working on an adventure puzzle title for the Ouya. Sadly any core details or screens elude us for now, but the game will reportedly take advantage of the touchpad on the controller along with the standard face buttons.  Given how amazing Papo & Yo was, I’m excited to see what Minority is prepping for the Ouya and how they’re take advantage of what the platform offers.

In addition to these two new developer partnerships, Ouya has gained a notable figure as part of its corporate structure. Helping to aid developers in their projects along with enticing talent, Ouya has tapped Kellee Santiago for the role of lead developer relations. Co-founder of thatgamecompany (Flower, Journey), Kellee is an incredibly talented developer and it’s almost guaranteed she’ll help foster new talent to join the Ouya initiative.

There may still be a lot of questions about Ouya’s long-term appeal and how the company will release content in this era, especially with the next-gen consoles on the horizon, but with these announcements it’s clear that Ouya is taking things seriously and want to appeal to the core audience.  Whether or not they’ll succeed remains to be seen, but I guess we’ll know later this year when the console finally hits retail this June.