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Gran Turismo 6 May Not Appear On PlayStation 4 [Rumor]

Something could be amiss in the world of Gran Turismo which may not please the many members of the racing elite.  After the stumbling that Gran Turismo 5 went through in part to a shoddy online infrastructure and gamers being less than happy about certain elements, the next installment in Polyphony Digital’s ode to racing may arrive without the next-gen sheen that we all expected it would.

While nothing has been revealed through the official channels just yet (trailers/PR announcements galore), it appears that Sony and Polyphony Digital may have opted to release GT6 on the PlayStation 3.  In case you haven’t fallen out of your chair upon reading that news, here’s the full run-down of everything as it stands now.

According to an interview conducted by Silicon Republic with SCE Worldwide Studio honcho Michael Denny, Gran Turismo 6 is one of the key titles slated to arrive on the PS3 along with Sony’s obvious initiatives and focus on the forthcoming PS4.  Now in some cases there’s always the chance that something could’ve been transcribed the wrong way in an interview or the person may have just misspoke, but Silicon Republic went on to release the actual audio for the interview and sure enough Michael seems very sure of himself in his comments.

The news of Gran Turismo 6 possibly appearing on the PS3 may not be a 100% thing just yet as there are a few factors and additional details to keep in mind.  According to chatter that is going around (i.e. on NeoGAF), there has been murmurs about GT6 appearing on the PS3 even though such a thing previously wasn’t believed to be in the cards.  Of course this is all just unofficial conjecture that has yet to be wholly vetted, but what could actually happen if this rumor pans out?

Releasing a new core entry in the Gran Turismo series this year, and waiting to announce it until May/June, would indeed be odd – even for Sony.  Yet, considering their push for the PS4 this year and how we’re seemingly getting a new LittleBigPlanet PS3 game this Holiday season, Sony could be doubling up on key franchises for the PS3 to show that there’s still life in the console, and perhaps to make the transition easy for those who can’t afford a PS4 just yet since they likely won’t want to abandon that install base.

Beyond the possibility of GT6 appearing on the PS3, there’s always the slim chance Sony and Polyphony Digital could have a surprise for us whether it be cross-play with a Vita port or even a PS4 entry released at a later period, thus marking the first cross-gen effort of a Sony 1st party team.  Sadly there’s no evidence or rumors to point to such a thing, but one can only hope that Sony won’t make the PS4 user-base wait four years for a Gran Turismo game unless Drive Club will actually be that damn good.

This news may seem dire, and in some cases our depressed attitude may be justified since possibly delaying the arrival of Gran Turismo on the PS4 could be the first internal stumble Sony has made with their new console.  All considered though, there’s always the chance that the comment made by Michael Denny was simply a major slip-up and that everything is fine in the world of Gran Turismo – at least considering a five-year development period is normal.