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New PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC Includes A Space Engineer and A God

Despite SuperBot Entertainment and Sony parting ways out of nowhere, the DLC plans for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale aren’t being given the boot – at least for now.  After the arrival of the Fury Level and the arrival of Kat (Gravity Rush) and Emmett (Starhawk) as playable characters, PS All-Stars is set to receive yet another new level mash-up and two more characters.

In case you were hoping that the future character releases for PS All-Stars would be based on what the fans wanted then you’re in for some bad news. While it may be wishful thinking to see the original Lara Croft, Crash, or even Cloud appear in PS All-Stars, I think none of us ever expected Isaac Clarke to join the fray.

After blasting away at Necromorphs in Dead Space 3, Isaac Clarke will be making his next appearance as the newest combatant in PS All-Stars.  It may seem a bit sudden and further instill the feeling that PS All-Stars is merely a vehicle for new/hot characters rather than being an ode to true legends of the PlayStation franchise.

A more PlayStation centric character is joining Isaac in PS All-Star’s next batch of DLC as the all-powerful God that is Zeus will also be a playable character. Joining his ever angry son Kratos, Zeus will be putting his thunder bolt smackdown on the existing roster of the game.  Seeing Zeus All-Stars makes sense, but it does seem rather disappointing that the game is delving into God of War for more characters as opposed to going to other games for inspiration.

Of course the bigger news may be the new level that’s set to arrive alongside these new combatants. Drawing on the heritage of the PlayStation brand, a new level mash-up has been created which combines MediEvil and The Unfinished Swan.  An odd pairing indeed, the level looks rather good based on the debut footage and it’s nice to see some exclusive PlayStation games get some love in place of something unnecessary like a Dead Space stage – complete with a planet beast entity.

With Isaac Clarke being less than a key pillar of the PlayStation legacy, it’s clear that we should have our expectations tempered for any future PS All-Stars DLC releases.  Of course with the news of Sony ending their partnership with SuperBot, it’s questionable if we’ll see more DLC roll-out in the next few months or if this is literally the end of the road for the game.  Both characters look to be good fighters, yet it’s slightly disappointing for the new DLC to go in this direction and not appeal to the more core oriented crowd.

The MediEvil/Unfinished Swan stage will be released in March alongside Isaac Clarke and Zeus.