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Activision Interested In TNA Wrestling Game [Rumor]

The WWE may finally have some competition when it comes to the world of video games. While the WWE recently wrapped up a contract which will see all future games representing the brand published by Take Two Interactive, one of the last competitors in the wrestling world may be gearing up for a video game comeback.

According to the sources of PWMania, TNA upper brass, including Dixie Carter (the rich girl who wanted to become a wrestling promoter) visited the west coast recently to gauge interest and gain potential suitors to publish/develop a new TNA wrestling game.  Out of the companies TNA visited, word has it that Activision was the firm most interested in possibly jumping into the virtual squared circle and combat the WWE.

There’s no additional tidbits as to whether Activision is a sure thing to publish a TNA game, but it could be possibly as the company still has a void in their portfolio when it comes to sports/sports entertainment software.  Activision may be lessening their overall plans concerning licensed games, a thing which saw several staffers in that department get the boot, it’s still possible that we could see a TNA Impact Wrestling game surface with the Activision logo.

At first it may seem odd that Activision would be interested in TNA since they could’ve acquired the WWE license a few weeks ago when the THQ fiasco was still happening.  That alone may make it sound like this rumor is bunk, however I assume that the TNA license would be cheaper, and perhaps have less stipulations, than that of the WWE – likely making it more approachable to Activision.

This of course wouldn’t mark the first time that TNA has received a video since one was published in 2008 by Midway.  Receiving good buzz from gamers, TNA’s video game exploits were cut short by the great financial debacle Midway endured which saw the company close up shop.

TNA may not exactly have the biggest fanbase out their given how it’s locker room comprises of aging dinosaurs and people who simply have issues (hi Jeff Hardy), but I think gamers would welcome anything other than a WWE game once again developed by Yuke’s.  Some nice indie wrestling games have surfaced over the years such as Pro Wrestling X, though receiving an official title with solid production values could finally give gamers what they want – even if it includes Hulk Hogan, Joker inspired Sting, and the terrible Aces and Eights.