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Square Enix Unveils The Ghostly Detective Drama That Is Murdered: Soul Suspect

Today may officially mark the start of the next-generation of consoles, but that isn’t stopping Square Enix from announcing a major property destined for the current gen. After a bit of teasing through some clever viral marketing sites, Square Enix has officially unveiled the supernatural thriller that is Murdered: Soul Suspect.

This must be the era of supernatural elements, particularly those of the corporeal variety, in video games with the impending release of Beyond: Two Souls and Murdered: Soul Suspect.  Taking a different approach to that of Quantic Dream’s Beyond, Soul Suspect will give players one very difficult task: solve their own murder.

Opting to show us their hand at a later date, Square Enix hasn’t revealed much about Soul Suspect other than the basic premise and which platforms it’s destined for (PS3, Xbox 360, and PC). Reportedly developed by Airtight Games (Dark Void, Quantum Conundrum), Murdered: Soul Suspect could be a true surprise of sorts given the ghostly basis of the game and its core of being a detective tale; a thing we haven’t seen much of in this action driven generation.

We’ll likely see more of Murdered: Soul Suspect leading up to the 2014 release of the game, but count me interested in the project since Square Enix has been on an absolute roll lately with their American/Euro branch.