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Bungie Shows Us Their Destiny

After opting to forgo their almost pre-determined path of being the latest development studio to enter the yearly installment route, Bungie has finally unveiled their new project.  Over three years in the making, Destiny is the latest FPS from the makers of Halo and it could go on to become the next big thing in the world of gaming. Either that or it’ll be this generation’s equivalent to Daikatana.

Unveiled today in a video documentary lightly detailing the scope and inspiration behind the game, Destiny has some people wondering if the game is indeed worth the hype that has been drummed up thus far.  Using their expected tricks, Bungie has been hyping up destiny ever so slightly for the past year or so with cryptic messages and even t-shirts which sent dedicated fans on extensive quests to decipher what the game would be about. Well in the end all we have is a FPS whose scope is indeed large, but to put it simply the game looks to be a cross between Halo and Planetside with MMO style quests thrown in.

Even though Destiny has been in development for quite some time, the first video documentary for the game isn’t exactly filled with a tremendous amount of game footage.  Perhaps opting to play things more coy when it comes to their PR rollout, the fact that there are more animated 2D images in the debut video rather than direct gameplay is disappointing.

Whereas Bungie and Activision, who is publishing the game in an extensive contract, may have decided to show the general public a small glimpse of Destiny, they reportedly did the same to members of the press who saw the game. Sadly none of the Shogun Gamer staff were able to attend the Bungie event, our invites were “lost” in the mail, those from the press who did see the game saw only a small amount of gameplay footage – all of which reportedly wasn’t enough to back up the lofty claims sprouted by Bungie.

There’s no doubt that the scope and initial lore of Destiny is interesting, despite being somewhat derivative in its depiction of evil aliens trying to destroy the remnants of humanity, but Bungie could be teetering on the edge in how they’re tackling this project.  With the game being another FPS, which requires you to be online in order to play, Bungie has to go a long way to give gamers something different other than the ability to receive game/raid invites from their buddies via their smartphones.

I don’t think Bungie will pull a Gearbox and immediately under deliver on what they promise, yet the massive budget of the game, which rumors has it is in the nine figures range, could make Destiny a disappointment if the Halo name isn’t enough to carry the game into the stratosphere Activision brass hopes it reaches.

More footage of Destiny will obviously be released in the coming weeks as we approach E3 2013 so we’ll have to wait until then to see more footage as opposed to concept paintings with animated capes.