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Tactical FPS Takedown Gains Publisher and Console Release

The Kickstarter funded FPS game Takedown has now officially found a home.  After making its funding goal in a brilliant last minute hurrah, the development team at Serellan LLC continued their work on the project but now they have the backing of a rather substantial publishing partner.

Today 505 Games announced that they’ve picked up the publishing rights for Takedown, and that the game will receive a dual release on the PC and the PS3/Xbox 360.  The arrival of a publishing partner won’t see the game forgo its grounded FPS trappings as the only substantial change lays in the title of the project, which will now go by the name Takedown: Red Sabre.

All together it’s good to see that someone out there recognized the potential of Takedown as it’s one of the few FPS games to be made this generation that isn’t rooted in gameplay which consists of having your guns ablaze non-stop. As a spiritual successor to past greats such as Rainbow Six it’s going to be nice to have the opportunity to play a tactical shooter once again, especially on the consoles.

A release date for Takedown: Red Sabre has yet to be announced, but the game is scheduled to arrive sometime this year.