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Canadian Indie Showcase - Day One: Garry's Incident

Wild Game Studio's Day One: Garry's Incident is perhaps one of the most interesting independent projects being developed in Canada right now. This upcoming episodic, open-world first person shooter drops players on a remote island that demands players adapt or perish. 

Garry Friedman is a man running away from his past. He works as a transport pilot, preferring high paying, more dangerous jobs. On one such mission, a mysterious cargo explodes, forcing his plane to crash. When Garry wakes up, he realizes that whatever was in that package left him with incredible powers. 

Wild Game Studio has set out to create a world where player must use anything and everything at hand to survive. Once the game begins, players are left to explore the island. As Garry, players will have to scavenge and/or craft their own weapons and ammunition, search for food to eat, and use Garry's alien powers  to defend against the island's deadly indigenous inhabitants.

As if surviving the island wasn't hard enough, Wild Game Studio throws a few extra challenges the player’s way. Day One: Garry's Incident doesn't have a world map, and it's up to the player to brave the island. As well, the game will feature realistic damage and no regenerating health, leaving every encounter feeling like a true battle for survival.

As for his newfound powers, Garry can use telekinetic force to throw enemies away a la the classic Force Push. Apparently this ability will be used for more than just combat, Garry will be able to use his powers to destroy walls and other destructible features to create new paths for himself. Of course, there are more powers that the developers are planning to announce at a later date.

Day One Garry's Incident gameplay

Garry is adept at close combat and can fashion bones, wood, and other scavenged items into makeshift weapons. Players will be able to attack with both melee weapons and use powers at the same time. Melee combat is visceral and bloody, sprays of red paints the walls with every slash of Garry’s makeshift shiv. There are times though when Garry finds firearms (like the pistol in the trailer) and can take out his opponents from distance. 

Day One's visuals are reminiscent of Far Cry 3, and rightly so; the game runs on Epic's flexible Unreal Engine 3. The island's thick jungles are brought to life through an abundance of greenery and realistic lighting that help immerse players in this world. From what we've seen of the game so far, Day One: Garry's Incident looks like a Canadian indie title worth your time and money.

If Day One: Garry's Incident interests you, help the developers reach their goal by pledging on their KickStarter page for the game. As of publishing time, Wild Game Studio have amassed $36,272 of their $50,000 goal with 13 days left.