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New Batman Arkham Game Scheduled For 2013, Potential Developer Swtich Inbound [Rumor]

This may be a case of shocking and not so shocking news, but the Batman Arkham series is poised for a return once again.  After the release of Batman: Arkham City in 2011, gamers eagerly anticipated the continuation of the series, even given the shocking ending, and now they’ll receive their wish but there could be a catch to it.

During their investor call, WB Games revealed that a new entry in the Batman Arkham series is indeed slated to arrive this year.  It may not be too shocking to hear that WB is continuing the series given how it’s a major blockbuster for the company so sequels/spin-offs were inevitable. However, this confirmation does go against previous rumors (which came directly from WB brass) that stated the Batman series would go in a new direction based upon the Silver Age comics.

There could be some truth to the new direction Batman could take in his future video game exploits as there are murmurs that Rocksteady, the core team of the Arkham series, isn’t developing the third installment of the series.  Reported by VG247, WB may be taking a note from Ubisoft by having multiple teams work on the same property in order to have more timely releases – even if it begins to wear thin on gamers.

It would be odd to see Rocksteady step aside from the Arkham series considering it’s their baby, but it would allow them to focus on other properties, whether it be the rumored Silver Age Batman title or whatever WB feels they should focus on.  With the formula already established, and proven, it would be easy for another developer to step in and create something new that hopefully would please the existing fanbase.  While this tidbit is merely a rumor for now, it wouldn’t be too surprising if WB Montréal, the team behind Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition, stepped in to take over the series full-time.

WB may be stepping in that tricky territory in which they favor immediate profit, and capturing a next-gen audience right off the bat, rather than letting things breathe for maximum wow potential.  There’s no denying that the Batman Arkham games have been good, but if a sequel is rushed out or isn’t handled with the same care given by Rocksteady then we could have a gamer revolt on our hands.

For now we’ll just have to wait to see what WB has planned as the next Batman game likely won’t debut until E3 – pending of course an exclusive reveal in Game Informer.