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Need For Speed Movie Gains A Veteran Actor

The Need For Speed movie has gained yet another talented actor who may be familiar to those reared on superhero movies.  The Hollywood Reporter reports that veteran actor Michael Keaton will be joining the NFS in a sizeable supporting role - one that as of now doesn’t appear to be rooted in villainous origins.

Best known for his roles as Beetlejuice and Batman in the Tim Burton version, Keaton will lend his talents to portray the organizer of the underground race event that spans from New York to L.A.  Said to be an eccentric rich type fond of expensive cars, though that sounds like every rich guy in America, Keaton’s character won’t be the chief baddie in the film as that distinct honor will go to Dominic Cooper.

Previously announced to be in the film, Cooper will play the turncoat of sorts within the movie.  As per the latest story summary that has surfaced, the NFS film will follow a local racer (played by Aaron Paul) who is betrayed by a rich business associate he believed was his ally (Dominic Cooper). After serving time in prison, our hero embarks on a journey of revenge as he’ll have to contend with forces sent after him by his former colleague. Basically the NFS movie is your standard action revenge flick that just so happens to be loaded with talented actors.

The addition of Keaton to NFS solidifies that the movie is dedicated to telling an actual story and I for one highly anticipate what sort of narrative stands will be delivered in it.  With filming set to begin shortly, we ought to receive more substantial updates on the NFS movie leading up to the scheduled early 2014 release.