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World of Warcraft Movie Moves Ahead, New Director and Possible Leading Man Rumored

Hollywood’s fascination with adapting their properties into video games may have faded (as evident by the lack of a Man of Steel game), but they still have no problem dipping into the world of games to find their next big tentpole flick.  Case in point: Warner Bros. is still moving forward with a World of Warcraft movie.

One of the many video game films to be in development hell, the WOW movie has had some considerable talent behind it in the past such as Sam Raimi (director of the original Spider-Man trilogy). With Raimi leaving WOW to focus on other projects, WB and Legendary, the production company, had to seek a new person to bring the world of Azeroth to life and now they’ve found such a thing.

Officially helming the World of Warcraft movie is Duncan Jones. Best known for his indie sci-fi thriller Moon, Jones will now be charged with bringing one of the most recognizable video game worlds to life in a big budget movie.  It may seem like Jones will have his work cut out for him considering the fandom of WOW fans and the expectations, or lack thereof, which surround video game movies, but it does help that Duncan’s passion about games is equal to that of filmmaking.

With Duncan aboard to helm the flick, WB and Legendary are tentatively planning for the WOW movie to begin production next year with a possible 2015 release.  The road to beginning production will be a long one, but according to a rumor picked up by Bleeding Cool, Johnny Depp’s name is being thrown around as a possible leading man for the project.

Far from being legit or even confirmed, the possibility of seeing Johnny Depp in a WOW movie may be an instant downer considering he has essentially been playing the same character for the past eight years.  However, having Depp aboard would give the project further legitimacy and may for once give us our first video game movie that’s decent from top to bottom.

No other details are available on the World of Warcraft movie, but Duncan may drop us a nugget of info or two via Twitter from time to time.  As a fan of Duncan’s work I’m thrilled to see him get such a big opportunity, not just to showcase his talents but to prove that there is room for video game movies to be actually be good and not just be a long demo of visual effects techniques.

It may still be questionable how a WOW movie will be pulled off and what kind of tone it’ll have, but I’m confident in Duncan that he’ll give us a memorable movie that merely won’t come across as a psychedelic looking version of The Hobbit.


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