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Ubisoft's Osiris (New IP) Has Been Given The Boot

The perceived next big project from Ubisoft will ultimately not be such a thing based on word handed down from the company.  Osiris, the project which was spun off from a cancelled Prince of Persia reboot, seemed like it would be the next core franchise for Ubisoft but the company has now revealed the project has been cancelled/given the Beyond Good & Evil 2 treatment i.e. indefinitely shelved.

Catching the eyes of gamers last year as the latest unannounced game to hit the radar, Osiris seemed cool enough for the jaded mentality of people to change… at least for a little bit.  While the only glimpse of Osiris we were privy to seeing was one simple in-game screen, a more substantial look at the game leaked earlier this week in the form of a production trailer.

Showcasing the Egyptian setting of the game along with more dramatic things such as an earthquake/major cataclysm hitting the land, Osiris once again looked interesting as an IP and some even hoped that the game would go off on an alien/sci-fi tangent, thus giving us an unofficial Stargate game to fulfill our gaming fantasies.

Sadly Ubisoft has confirmed to Polygon that Osiris, while not officially confirming the name, is no longer in production.  No reasons were given as to why the game was canned, but one can likely chalk it up to “that’s the game biz for ya”.

The cancellation of Osiris is of course disappointing news for those looking forward to seeing a new IP from Ubisoft and it’s yet another sign of the mere mismanagement that’s abound in the games industry.  I don’t think anyone will debate the quality of Osiris since we never saw it in action, though it does speak volumes that Ubisoft can have a project in development for nearly four years (the Prince of Persia Zero reboot supposedly began in 2008) and have all that material not either be not  “good enough” for release or passed up in favor of something deemed more appealing. 

While I doubt the working conditions of Ubisoft are bad, it must nonetheless be depressing for a development team to commit themselves to a project, or in this case several projects in the conceptual stage, that are either retrofitted to be something else or are entirely cancelled.

Ubisoft likely won’t issue addition comments concerning Osiris so any info we’ll get will be of the unofficial variety from former/current developers who worked on the project.  All together this news is an utter disappointment and in some ways it’s worrisome if Ubisoft is pushing Watch Dogs as the sole new next-gen IP in the next year or so.