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Need For Speed Movie Gains Four New Actors + Basic Plot Summary Released

This may seem odd but we’re fast approaching a shocking occurrence: a film based upon a video game is actually going to enter production as scheduled.  As some of you may recall,  Electronic Arts successfully sold the film rights for Need For Speed to DreamWorks and now the film is actually set to enter production without any delays, last minute cancellations, or other such horror stories that have plagued projects in the past.

After securing the talent of Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) to assume the role of the main character, the NFS film went on to gain solid actors such as Dominic Cooper (Captin America) and Imogen Poots (Fright Night). Now just before principle photography is set to begin next month, the theatrical debut of Need For Speed has gained four more actors to round out its cast.

Joining the NFS film will be Rami Malek, Ramon Rodriguez, Harrison Gilbertson, and Kid Cudi. Yes, the same Kid Cudi that does hip-hop along with the occasional acting gig.  The role of Cudi (whose real name is Scott Mescudi) will be substantial as he’s set to play the friend of Tobey Marshall (played by Aaron Paul), so there may be a bromance of sorts present in the movie.

The role of Cudi is just the tip of the new details we have on the film as a brief synopsis has also been revealed courtesy of Deadline.  As of now, pending any major last minute script rewrites, the NFS film will follow Tobey Marshall as he goes on a quest of revenge that starts in New York and ends in Los Angeles. 

Not exactly the most original of loglines, it’s still possible that the NFS movie could be an entertaining throwback to the action genre or it could be a generically dumb action movie that viewers accept simply because Aaron Paul is an amazing actor.

The addition of Rami Malek and Ramon Rodriguez does inspire hope that the movie will have a good vibe as both men are excellent character actors. Rodriguez may be a familiar face to those who saw Transformers 2, but he has gone on to do solid work in films such as Battle: Los Angeles. Malek on the other hand has a wide spectrum as an actor and his work in the HBO mini-series “The Pacific” is proof of that.

With filming set to begin soon we ought to receive a final crop of casting reveals and maybe a few candid set pics.  There may be a hearty amount of skepticism around the NFS movie but who knows, maybe this will be the one movie based upon a game that we won’t want our money back after seeing.

The Need For Speed movie is currently pegged for an early 2014 release.