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Disney Unveils The Imagination Driven Experience Of Disney Infinity

Today is one of the rare times I wish I could visit the offices of Activision brass as I’m sure the company is in a conniption fit over the reveal made by Disney today.  No, Disney didn’t go on yet another massive purchase spree along the lines of gobbling up Marvel and LucasFilm, but the house Mickey Mouse built did reveal a new game that essentially takes the Skylanders formula to the next level; hence Bobby Kotick is probably in full-on evil Sith Lord mode.

Rumored for the past few months, Disney revealed today that they’re jumping back into the gaming business in a big way with Disney Infinity.  Slated to arrive on the current gen consoles, Disney Infinity is a new 3rd person action-adventure game set within the Disney universe.  Horrific flashbacks to Disney Epic Mickey shouldn’t be occurring right now since Disney Infinity is a totally different beast that actually sounds fun and intriguing; at least when looked upon on paper and in video form.

Built around a series of collectible figures, of which there will be 40 initially - 17 of which will be available at launch, Disney Infinity is an open-world platforming game built around a mantra that helped make Disney the powerhouse it is: imagination.  Not entirely a copycat of Skylanders, Disney Infinity will encourage players to make their own adventures via the Toy Box mode amidst playing already made tales based around properties such as Pixar’s forthcoming Monsters University.

The debut trailer for Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity seems to be a rather massive undertaking as it’s combining major properties such as Toy Story, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Incredibles in one cohesive world that gamers can shape to their will if they so desire.  The creation tools available to players haven’t been fully detailed, but the game could approach the same level as LittleBigPlanet 2 as it was reported a version of Donkey Kong was recreated using the Disney Infinity editor tools.

The inventiveness of Disney Infinity won’t be entirely ruled by the figurine mechanic though it does seem to “enhance” things more or less.  Besides unlocking new characters by purchasing their figures, actual worlds will be unlocked in the same way through tokens.  It may sound like the monetization of Disney Infinity could be a potential downfall, though it doesn’t seem like the game will entirely be offered piecemeal as certain things will be offered such as a level based upon Disney’s The Lone Ranger.

As of now Disney is planning to offer a starter pack for the game (base, three figures) for $75 while additional figures will cost $13 a piece.  So yeah, we may have a new crown champ when it comes to making gamers spend money post purchasing the actual game based upon the desire we all have to snag our favorite character.

The Disney Infinity figures and base

Aside from the art design of the game looking a bit different from what we’re used to seeing, Disney Infinity literally could be the next big thing in the games industry.  Two years ago we didn’t think Skylanders would take off the way it did but now we’re at a point in which people are throwing down $400 on eBay to acquire a rare figure. 

I don’t think Disney Infinity will provide the same level of immediate “gotta have em all” mentality, but the ability to play as your favorite character in worlds that you molded with your own imagination could be what sets Disney Infinity apart from past licensed games which have shown little to no care or attention to the property.

Disney Infinity is currently set to arrive on consoles and mobile platforms this June.


P.S. This game literally screams to have the world of TRON in it, both the original and the new iterations. Make it happen Disney.