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Crash Bandicoot Reboot Could Be In The Works

A once legendary video game character could be poised for a major revival if a leaked image is to be believed. Regarded back in the day as the next big thing,  the era of Crash Bandicoot came to a close once Naughty Dog, the original creators of Crash, decided to move on to bigger and better things. Crash didn’t immediately die once Naughty Dog left, but he didn’t exactly receive the attention required to keep him relevant, a thing which led to the franchise to die a few years ago.

Now it seems like Activision could be prepping a Crash revival based on an image that was released yesterday.  Far from being one of those expertly planned PR teases that’s a sign of bigger things to come, we simply have a piece of concept art found within an office.

Yesterday developer Vicarious Visions posted an office picture on their Facebook page with no cryptic messages or teases.  There immediately wasn’t much to note in this picture, but eventually it was hard not to see the rather large Crash Bandicoot banner hanging on a nearby wall.  Vicarious Visions aren’t a stranger to the Crash franchise since they’ve developed entries such as Ripto‘s Rampage for the GBA, but this concept art image didn’t fall in line with any of those, thus it’s possible that Activision could be gearing up for a Crash reboot.

Last we heard the Crash franchise was essentially dead post the decision not to move forward with a new entry of Crash team racing and another iteration being handled by Radical Entertainment.  The lack of any new Crash Bandicoot games has certainly been disappointing, but considering Activision’s focus as of late it seemed expected. 

Now things have changed and it could be possible that Activision is hoping to strike gold once again with a new Crash reboot similar to what transpired with Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure by rebooting a once popular franchise as a new IP.

The image of Crash featured in Vicarious Visions’ office does inspire hope that a reboot is in the works, but on the same hand there’s fear of exactly what type of Crash game we’ll receive.  The main features of Crash may not have been altered such as his huge eyes and orange color, but what’s up with those gloves and clown shoes?  Such character additions does have me worried that we’ll have a more wisecracking or “edgy” Crash that will be a mere shadow of his former shelf.

Activision of course have yet to comment the matter and I don’t expect they will for quite some time. Vicarious Visions have been rumored to be working on several unannounced projects so a possible Crash revival could be one of those.  An E3 2013 announcement for a new Crash entry could be possible unless it’s decided to give the game a quick stealth release with little to no fanfare.