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Star Trek: The Video Game Gets Release Date (No, There Aren't Any Khan/Gary Mitchell Teases)

Last week sci-fi fans were chattering about one thing they were waiting months for: the first trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness, the follow-up to the franchise reboot helmed by J.J Abrams.  Say what you will about the finer points of the massive restart button that was pressed on the Trek franchise, but as an action pop-corn flick it gave us the goods thus a sequel was prepped. 

Amidst the continuing chatter about the sequel and who the villain will be, gamers can now once again talk about the forthcoming Star Trek video game since the project has finally been given a release date.

I wouldn’t put it past anyone if they totally forgot a new Trek video game was in the works since we haven’t seen too much of it in the past year or so.  Developed by Digital Extremes (The Darkness II, Warframe), the new Trek game, simply titled Star Trek since simplistic titles are hot these days, focuses on co-op gameplay featuring the Federation’s finest members: Capt. Kirk and Spock.

The game itself has looked good in the past snippets we’ve seen, even though it has that slightly derivative 3rd person shooter look, and now we won’t have to wait too long to actually experience the game. Today Bandai Namco and Paramount Interactive announced that Star Trek: The Game will be released on April 23rd, a full month before Into Darkness hits theaters.

A teaser trailer for Star Trek: The Video Game

Hardcore Trekkers need not worry about the game featuring spoilers for the movie as it’s not an immediate lead-in for the film. While Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have overseen the story of the game, which is considered canon within the universe, it reportedly won’t have any elements which give hints at to the mysterious plot of the new film, particularly who actor Benedict Cumberbatch is portraying (OMG, it’s Khan! Or is it?).

Along with the release date news the now standard slew of pre-order bonuses have been announced which range from things such as alt costumes, such as ones based on the Kobayashi Maru cadet uniforms, and alt phaser weapons.  None of the pre-order bonus incentives are that appealing unless you’re such a huge Trek fan that needs to have every possible item you can get your hands on.

So far the new Star Trek movie looks pretty rad for what it is so now it’s just a question if the game will actually be any good.  Past efforts may have the odds stacked against the new Trek game, but if Digital Extremes strikes the right balance between full-on action, spiffy sci-fi visuals, and production values that don’t scream rush job then we may have the first Star Trek game in years that doesn’t make us all do our Captain Picard facepalm impersonation.