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Project Versus J Could Be The Ultimate Anime/Manga Video Game

Mashing up franchises seems to be a hot thing these days given games such as Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, ACE: R, and most recently PS All-Stars, but now it’s time for the characters from the Shonen Jump world to collide in what will hopefully be perfect video game harmony.

Coming to the PS3 and PS Vita sometime next year is Project Versus J - a franchise mash-up which sees the various worlds of Shonen Jump come together in a brawler setting.  Details on Project Versus J are still scarce, but the game is expected to feature characters from properties such as Dragon Ball Z, specifically Goku, while other notable anime figures such as Laffy from One Piece, and the titular Toriko.

Namco Bandai will be handling the publishing duties for Project Versus J, but it’s not known if the company will be handling the project internally or will farm it off to a firm like Spike Chunsoft, the latter of which would result in a questionable product.  Some new info on the project was released this week in new issue of Weekly Shonen Jump which once again confirmed the basic details in addition to calling the game a “team action game”.

As Kanzenshuu pointed out, Namco Bandai also used the phrase “team action game” for Dragon Ball Battle Royale, a multiplayer centric arcade game that Namco developed internally.  So as of now there is a small sliver of hope that Project Versus J won’t be totally churned out quickly as an easy cash grab with careless production values.

Development on Project Versus J seems like it’s fairly early on as it was revealed that the development team will be taking into consideration any character requests that fans have.  The fan requests are being taken so seriously that a contest is being held in Japan to award those that make their voices be heard.

So unless Namco is simply going for an easy marketing ploy, it could be possible a few unexpected faces could appear in Project Versus J aside from any would-be teenage ninjas.  Further details on Project Versus J such as any interoperable features between the PS3 and Vita haven’t been disclosed so we’ll have to wait for future tidbits via Famitsu or Shonen Jump. 

I know that reading about a game which combines various anime/manga franchises in a fighting setting may be a tad depressing considering the would-be licensing logistics that could kill a Western release, but I have a feeling this is one game we may actually see in our shores.  Unless Namco opts to go heavy in cultural references or designs the game with lots of text elements, it would be idiotic of Namco not to release the game in the West considering we received One Piece: Pirate Warriors in the West.

So without hyping eveeyone up I think our chances are looking good for Project Versus J to appear outside of Japan sometime next year.

[via Kanzenshuu]